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sahu Entertainment Company


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SEC specializes in providing captivating event ​services and solutions. Our team merges ​international standards with the local market to ​craft engaging events and exhibitions. Our ​approach is akin to that of a covert operative, with ​every detail cloaked in secrecy to ensure complete ​confidentiality. From inception to the grand finale, ​SEC’s commitment to excellence promises to ​leave your audience spellbound with breathtaking ​marvels, transforming your event into a spectacular ​wonder.

about us

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Business team

SEC started as a Saudi establishment in 2020 and ​then has transformed to a limited liability Company ​in 2023 offering over 20 different services in the ​event, sports, and entertainment industries. SEC ​stands out as an effective leader in the ​entertainment sector and offers it’s clients’ ​maximum effeciency in delivery and on point ​consultation and management leading to desired ​outcomes and optimum satisfation. By 2027, SEC ​aims to be within the top 5 leading entertaniment ​IP providers in the region.

Our Clients & IPs

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Areas of focus

Digital Marketing

account management

IP Aquisition & management

Audio, Visuals, & lighting

Event Production

Talent Management

Crowd Management



3d & Graphic Design

Media Production

Security systems

How we work

We trust the process

We start with a detailed scope analysis.

Present proposal after assessment.

Schedule a meeting for further discussion.

Deep dive into your product.

Reach a consensus.

Deliver as agreed.

Exceed expectations for impressive results.

Satisfaction may lead to future engagements.

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Digital Marketing

We have marketing teams operating in Saudi ​Arabia & Egypt. We offer full 360 digital marketing ​services, from design, motion graphics, content ​development, market research, social media ​account management, to media buying. We work ​flexibly and around the clock to make sure our ​clients objectives are met.

Business planning

Account management

We possess an extensive database comprising ​Saudi public and private entities. We specialize in ​managing clients’ accounts in the event and sports ​industries. Our resources include a Customer ​Relationship Management (CRM) system and a ​qualified team of account managers. Our ​commitment to assisting clients’ needs in building ​their portfolios and delivering robust services to ​their stakeholders speaks for itself.

IP Acquisition

& Management

We collaborate with clients to understand their ​needs, conduct research, draft contracts, review ​agreements, engage with intellectual property ​holders, issue RFPs, and define technical ​specifications for acquisitions. Our negotiation ​skills help us advocate for clients, align ​expectations with intellectual property holders, ​and secure commitments for delivering services or ​products.

intellectual property


Our research and development team comprises ​highly qualified professionals with multiple ​master’s degrees. They provide in-depth industry ​insights supported by the latest statistics. The ​team also utilizes sophisticated Artificial ​Intelligence to improve capabilities and ensures ​information authenticity through rigorous fact-​checking procedures before presenting to clients.

Business research

Talent management

We collaborate with partners across four countries ​in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa to ​source top talent for entertainment events like ​musicals, theater productions, comedy shows, and ​festivals in Saudi Arabia. Our meticulous selection ​process ensures only top-tier talent is chosen and ​oversees their journey from arrival to departure.


Event Production


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security systems

With the primary goal of ensuring the safety ​and enhancing the visitor experience at ​events under our management, we provide a ​comprehensive security system service that ​includes CCTV, screens, security ​supervisors, and system maintenance.

With SEC in your premises, you can relax we ​know how to take control and ensure safety ​for all.

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crowd management

SEC is certified in crowd management by ​the General Entertainment Authority and ​maintains a high level of training among its ​staff. Before every event, we conduct ​multiple workshops involving our clients and ​crowd management supervisors to ensure ​understanding and adherence to the ​established plan.

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